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What separates Shikinotabi from my other choices for travel in Japan?

We have been in the business for quite some time, and our staff and tour guides have great experience in organizing and delivering the best tours for every season. We believe the greatest tour experiences come from always keeping the customer in mind, in order to deliver a truly unforgettable and memorable Japanese experience.


How do we know we are getting the best rate with Shikinotabi?

We are separated from the rest by the fact that we keep our prices as low as possible without sacrificing quality.
Over the years we have listened very carefully to our customers and organized fantastic tours for each of the unique seasons of Japan. Our experienced tour guides accompany you to some of the best attractions and sights of Japan, and give their various insights into the landmarks, locations, foods, and sights in order to pass onto you the wisdom and wonder of all places Japan.


How far in advance can reservations be made?

Reservations are now open for tours taking place throughout the 2016 calendar year. For 2017 tours, please check our website or give us a call in October.


If the weather is bad and we have a tour that takes place outside, what happens?

Cancellation of tour events is often determined by the group or groups in charge of certain portions of the tour. For example, some rain may not affect a rafting tour, but it might present some problems for hiking Mt. Fuji. If that same rafting company decides that the strong wind will be hazardous for tour participants, the rafting portion of the tour may be canceled. Shikinotabi will likewise cancel a tour if extreme circumstances require it. These circumstances would include things like extreme weather, war, and other unforeseen or unlikely events.


Will I be charged a cancellation fee if I decide to cancel my tour?

Please consult our cancellation contract regarding cancellations.

>> Cancellation Contact Link


Will there be an English-speaking guide on the tour?

Our tours are accompanied by experienced and friendly English guides that are eager to answer all of your questions. Their aim is to provide you with a comfortable and enjoyable experience, without being too overbearing or distracting as some tour guides can become.


Does Shikinotabi offer group discounts?

We do not offer group discounts.


Is it possible to change the tour participants after we have booked the tour?

Tours that require the purchase of airplane tickets are often more difficult to modify, however sufficient notice may allow the applicant to change the names of participants in his or her party. Bus tours are less problematic to modify, however we still request you contact us as soon as possible about any tour participant changes.


Can I change my tour departure date to another day?

Please refer to our cancellation policy regarding changes to the tour date.


Do you accept credit cards?

We accept Visa and MasterCard. We are unable to accept other cards at this time.


Can I pay for my tour by Japanese bank transfer? What about the transfer fee?

Yes. Please use the following bank information when making a domestic transfer. Please note that Shikinotabi is not responsible for any transfer fees required by your bank.


Bank Name: Bank of  Mitsubishi-Tokyo-Ufj

Bank Number: 0005

Branch Name: Yaesudori

Shop Number: 022

Account Type: Saving

Account Number: 0097481

Account Holder: Kabushikigaisya Shikinotabi


Am I able to use a travel voucher?

We do not accept any travel vouchers.


How can I pay for my tour?

You have the option of paying for tours by credit card, bank transfers, or by stopping by our offices yourself. Please note that we only accept cash for in-person payment.


Can I pay for the tour on the tour date?

We are unable to take payment on the same day as the tour. Tours must be registered for and paid for by 5:00 pm on the day before the tour date. We recommend you contact us by phone or email as soon as possible if you are considering booking a tour for the next day.


I have forgotten my password or username. What do I do?

If you have forgotten your username or password, please follow the steps given online to register a new password.


Where are the meeting places for the bus tours?

Please refer to your tour’s homepage for a full description of the tour meeting place. If you have further questions regarding this, please contact us by email or phone.


Are children charged the same price as adults?

Please refer to your tour’s homepage for a full description of the various prices for children and adults. Some of our tours visit parks, museums, and other places, or engage in activities that may charge a higher price based on age. This will affect the price of the tour. This information will be listed on your tour’s homepage along with other information about pricing.


What if I want to break away from the tour while it’s still going on?

You are free to leave our tours at any time you wish. We ask that you inform your tour guide of your intentions before leaving. Please note that refunds will absolutely not be given in these cases.


Is there consent documentation necessary for a minor to join a tour?

Minors who wish to participate in our tours must complete and send to us a parental consent form. This form can be completed and sent either through fax or by email. Please note that parents must physically sign these forms.


>> Parental Consent Form


How many restroom breaks will there be on the tour?

Japanese law requires that for every two hours of driving there must be one restroom break. Please refer to your tour’s homepage for a detailed description of your tour’s travel itinerary, as well as approximate times for these restroom breaks.


Should we bring any food with us?

Guests are encouraged to bring snacks and food along with them. Many of our tours include a lunch, but some do not. Please refer to your tour’s homepage for a detailed description regarding this.


Should I receive a response from Shikinotabi after I have booked my tour?

Automatic responses will be sent to the email included in your application after you complete your reservation. If you have still not received an email, please contact us.


Can I cancel my tour reservation on the internet?

We currently do not allow tour participants to cancel tours themselves. If you need to cancel your tour, please contact us by email or phone and we will respond as soon as we can.


What if I am booking the tour for someone else?

You are allowed to book a tour for another person as long as the participants you list as attending the tour are the same on the tour day. If you need to change the name or names of participants attending the tour, you must contact us and let us know of the change.


In the booking confirmation email it mentions I should print and bring a copy. What if I don’t have a printer?

You may either print your tour confirmation email or show the email through a mobile device to the tour guide on the morning of the tour. Please note that for your security and your records we ask you to bring this along with you in one of these forms.


Will we stop at rest areas on the way to and from our tour destination?

Yes. Please refer to the above question about restroom breaks.


Will we receive souvenirs on our tour?

Souvenirs are not provided by the tour itself, although tour participants are encouraged to browse gift shops and other stores to find something they like.


Are we allowed to take pictures on the tour?

Of course you can take pictures! Please note that certain areas of certain tours may not allow photography. Our tour guides will be sure to let you know about these locations in advance.


Can we make special seating requests for the bus?

Our buses seat families together and women and men on opposite sides. However, if you have any special seating requests, our tour guides will be happy to accommodate you.


Is there a number or email to reach customer support in English?

To reach customer support in English, please call 03-5203-1502. For customer support through email, please write to us at anthony@shikiclub.co.jp or info@shiki-tabi.co.jp. We recommend that weekend inquiries be submitted through email to anthony@shikiclub.co.jp


What are your office hours?

Shikinotabi office hours are Monday through Friday, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. Our weekend hours are from 11:00 am to 4:00 pm.


Can I stop by in person?

Of course! If you have questions about any of our tours and are in the neighborhood, please feel free to stop by.

2-3-9 Shinko-building Floor5, Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo,104-0028


After applying for a tour, until when can I pay the tour fee?

You must pay for your tour no later than three days after receiving your reservation email. Reservations that have not been paid for by this time will be automatically canceled.


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